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OpenEars Platform 1.5 is live, with Spanish and iOS7 compatibility.

26 August

OpenEars Platform 1.5 is alive! Er, I mean live! I am extraordinarily happy to introduce the release today of the 1.5 release of the entire OpenEars Platform. This is an update of every part of the platform: OpenEars, RapidEars, Rejecto, NeatSpeech and SaveThatWave, and brings iOS7 compatibility, improved testing tools, and Spanish! That’s right, as […]

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OpenEars 1.33 out now, small fixes

24 July

OpenEars 1.33 has been released, fixing two small memory leaks and a possible deadlock when exiting the recognition loop. Check it out and if you encounter any issues, please head over to the forums and let me know about them. Thanks! [politepix-blog-inline-text-ad]

NeatSpeech version 1.02 out now!

04 May

Neatspeech 1.02 is out now, featuring improvements to the UK voices. It can be downloaded by visiting the shop and ordering the free demo version to try, or by clicking on the link in your demo order email if you have already ordered a demo. If you are a licensed customer, your updated licensed version […]

Please give the OpenEars version 1.3.0 Preview a try

15 February

I’m happy to announce that alongside the current 1.2.5 version of OpenEars available on the main OpenEars page, I’ve added a preview version of 1.3.0, which upgrades the Sphinx dependencies from sphinxbase and pocketsphinx .7 up to CMU’s current version .8. This is a test preview, so if you have time, please give it a […]

OpenEars 1.0 released

07 March

I am extraordinarily happy to announce that OpenEars 1.0 is out now. This version has so many fixes and new features: Ultra-fast, ultra-easy install All-C language modelling and 3x faster phonetic lookup fallback method for vastly faster dynamic language model generation Language model generation is now tuned to creating contextual models from long sentences with […]

New OpenEars version .911 is out now

23 June

I’m proud to release OpenEars version .911, primarily a bugfix fixing the following issues: [politepix-blog-inline-text-ad] • Occasional crash in level metering after > 20 minutes of use • There is now no limit on the size of the language model that can be generated by LanguageModelGenerator other than the time required. Very large language models […]

New OpenEars version .91 is out now

23 May

Hello, I just uploaded the new version of OpenEars, featuring the following new stuff among other things: • All audio functions (Flite speech and Pocketsphinx recognition) handled in-memory • Low-latency Audio Unit audio driver for Pocketsphinx • Switching between all the Flite voices on the fly • Dynamically creating ARPA language models in-app • Switching […]