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Who is on the balcony?

28 February


1. Sparrows are attracted by birdseed.
2. If you attract sparrows, kestrels will come to hunt the sparrows.
3. You want to see kestrels, but you don’t want to unwittingly engineer a sparrow slaughter.
4. Crows are attracted by peanuts.
5. Crows repel kestrels, but only until they’ve removed all of the peanuts, and,
6. This isn’t a logic problem, it’s business as usual on our balcony in the coldest winter months when E. feeds the birds who need a little extra help.


So who was on the balcony this winter?

Sparrows were on the balcony.
Sparrows Visited The Balcony

A jackdaw was on the balcony.
A Jackdaw Visits The Balcony

A Cyanistes caeruleus was on the balcony, but it was supersonic.
A Cyanistes caeruleus Visits The Balcony

A jay was on the balcony, and it took a little nap.
A Jay Visits The Balcony And Naps

A mouse, eating a seed like a corn on the cob, was on the balcony (although it wasn’t exactly invited).
A Mouse Visits The Balcony To Steal A Seed Cutely

A kestrel was on the balcony, looking for the mouse.
A Kestrel Visits The Balcony To Hunt Sparrows

A kestrel was on the balcony, being beautiful.
A Beautiful Kestrel Visits The Balcony

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