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Swift 3 support part 2: tutorials!

21 October


This is just a quick second update that the second part of Swift 3 support is complete: the OpenEars distribution now has a complete Swift 3 version of the sample app for you to work with and it has a complete Swift 3 custom tutorial tool. You can download the sample app at https://www.politepix.com/openears and the Swift 3 sample app is found in the folder titled OpenEarsSampleAppSwift at the top level of the distribution, and you can use the custom tutorial tool at https://politepix.com/openearsswift-tutorial/. Over the next month, Swift 3 support part 3 (full Swift 3 examples in the documentation) of the full Swift 3 support process will roll out, at which point Swift 3 will have support parity with Objective-C. Thanks for your patience, bring any questions over to the forums, and have fun!