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OpenEars now updated to 1.66 with a number of fixes

03 April
If you’re interested in this, you’ll probably be really interested in this post on OpenEars 1.7’s new API for creating dynamic rules-based grammars from arbitrary input at runtime!

I’m happy to announce the release of OpenEars 1.66 featuring a number of helpful fixes affecting both stock OpenEars and also Rejecto and NeatSpeech:

• A fix to the order of the Spanish lookup dictionary that could affect accuracy
• Improvements to the fixes to voice audio detection from 1.65
• A fix for an issue that could cause OpenEars+Rejecto to never return hypotheses for long utterances with intermittent background noises
• A fix for incorrect suspend/resume behavior using FliteController and FliteController+NeatSpeech
• A fix for an issue when changing between JSGF files
• A bit more checking for null strings in language model corpora
• A fix of some incorrect memory management that could sometimes lead to wrong probabilities in language models (including Rejecto language models)
• Other minor memory management improvements
• Changed type of frame index to avoid overruns

I hope this is helpful and of course let me know about any issues you encounter in the forums.