The OpenEars Plugins


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    OpenEars™ is the most popular free offline speech recognition & TTS framework on iOS, and the basis for the OpenEars™ Platform. Now works with six different languages including Chinese!

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    RuleORama is a plugin for OpenEars™ which creates rules-based grammars that let you define precise rules for which words and phrases can be recognized in what order, fast enough for RapidEars

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    RapidEars is a plugin for OpenEars™ which lets it do live, offline speech recognition in realtime that is so responsive it can be used as a gaming input

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    NeatSpeech is a plugin for OpenEars™ which adds improved voices which sound better and speak continuously with almost no lag even on extremely long statements

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    Rejecto is a plugin for OpenEars™ which lets OpenEars™ and RapidEars ignore speech that isn’t in the vocabulary

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