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    I’ve build a new LanguageModel with new AcousticModel for Arabic language
    using sphinxtrain.
    after that tested it with pocketsphinx using jsgf.

    I’m trying to build an app that uses the jsgf file and my custom AcousticModel
    to recognise some commands in arabic.

    the error im getting in xcode is:

    ERROR: "acmod.c", line 90: Folder 'AcousticModelArabic' does not contain acoustic model definition 'mdef'
    2015-07-20 17:50:57.398 arv[17882:3048043] Error: it wasn't possible to initialize the pocketsphinx decoder.
    pocketSphinxContinuousSetupDidFailWithReason: Error: it wasn't possible to initialize the pocketsphinx decoder. Please turn on OELogging in order to troubleshoot this. If you need support with this issue, please turn on both OELogging and verbosePocketsphinx in order to get assistance.

    list of files inside the bundle

    the mdef file is indeed inside the bundle

    any suggestions ?

    is it a problem with creating the bundle ?
    or is it a wrong way of usage ?

    I’ll attach a copy of my code as will

    copy of swift code

    Halle Winkler


    That is going to be due to something about the path to the acoustic model or the process of adding the bundle to the app. Make sure that the model is added successfully to the target you are running and that the path you are passing to the model is correct. The best way to do so is to instantiate an NSFileManager instance and use it to check whether the contents of your acoustic model are available at runtime and located where you expect them to be. Troubleshooting custom acoustic models and their components are outside the scope of support here, but this is a good starting point for troubleshooting the existence of files in various parts of your app:

    After verifying to your satisfaction that the file exists, if you still have trouble, take a closer look at whether you are using OEAcousticModel’s convenience path methods identically to how they are used for the shipped models.

    Good luck!


    Thank you so much !
    I thought using the same method as the original will detect the path automatically.

    fixed the path and everything works fine now.

    Halle Winkler

    That’s great, happy to hear it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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