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    Halle Winkler

    Welcome! I’m happy you’re using OpenEars and hope I can help.

    Before posting, please check out the FAQ for common install issues and their solutions at

    To provide troubleshooting information, please turn on OELogging, and if the question is about speech recognition also set Pocketsphinx’s verbosePocketsphinx boolean to true and post the logs that result with your question.

    This means that your app will have the line [OELogging startOpenEarsLogging] and [OEPocketsphinxController sharedInstance].verbosePocketsphinx = TRUE in it, before you ask OEPocketsphinxController to start listening. There are also commented-out lines in the sample app which explain exactly how to turn on these logging methods.

    Please mention the version of OpenEars you are using and the device you are running it on, as well as any information about which mic or mic-related hardware is being used. The Simulator can’t be used for testing or evaluation with OpenEars (there is more about this in the documentation and the source) so please do not submit any questions or bug reports relating to Simulator results.

    Probably the most useful piece of information that will make it easiest to help when reporting a crash is to show the backtrace. When an app crashes, there will be a little blue lldb prompt at the bottom of the console until you press the stop button. To get a backtrace, type ‘bt’ into this prompt and press return. Please share this information if you are reporting a crash.

    Note: although I hate closing questions, I’ve reluctantly concluded that I need to close questions in which the asker has an issue whose cause or correlation will appear in logging and where I have to ask more than one time to see a specific type of logging without parts of the requested logging being removed, changed, or not turned on, since this kind of question uses up the most support and development resources. If this happens you can always ask a new question as long as you start with the full requested logging info as part of the initial new question. You don’t have to show me any other logging from your app and in fact I’d prefer to only see the OpenEarsLogging and verbosePocketsphinx output. Please don’t remove parts of the OpenEarsLogging/verbosePocketsphinx logs, since there is no way of knowing what is important without my being able to see it all in context. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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