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    Hi :)
    Since getting my new iPad on iOS 6, I can’t get Flite to work since I had to
    also download a new version of Openears with the commands changed.
    I have followed the instructions, and the code compiles.
    When it comes time to speak, there is a pause, but nothing is spoken.

    It looks like the old framework files were not removed from the project properly.
    Maybe this is a problem.
    There is a compiler warning saying it can’t find Openears in the location that
    the old version used to be, even though those files are deleted.
    Any help appreciated.


    Seems I solved my own problem.
    I found out how to remove the references in build settings, but that wasn’t it.

    I was using this with the older code:
    // [self.fliteController say:[NSString stringWithFormat:@” “] withVoice:self.slt];
    // looks like this flite kickstart is no longer needed

    I found that the sentence I wanted spoken came out sooner, if this was sent shortly beforehand.
    In the new OpenEars, it stops it saying what’s coming next, and you hear nothing.

    Cheers, Art.


    Oh, all working now BTW.
    First time working for me on iPad and iPhone 5 thanks :)

    Halle Winkler

    Heh, I was just coming in here to see if I could find the old guide to definitively removing the old version somewhere, when you posted that you sorted it out yourself :) . Nice work and thank you for updating me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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