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OpenEars 1.2.1, RapidEars 1.1, Rejecto 1.0

20 September

Another big release day! OpenEars 1.2.1 is out, adding the very-suddenly-required armv7s slice and fixing the bug in which speech from right before a call to suspendRecognition will be processed after recognition is resumed. Downloadable at https://www.politepix.com/openears. Also released today is RapidEars 1.1, which further refines many improvements of the past few versions and is stable, fast, resource-frugal and behaves better when changing language models and when suspending/resuming. You can read more about it and try out the demo at https://www.politepix.com/rapidears. If you’ve tried an earlier version, RapidEars 1.1 is really worth a second look.


Politepix has also released a new paid plugin called Rejecto, which makes your apps more accurate when you use OpenEars and RapidEars by tuning out words that aren’t in your language model. As usual it’s easy to get started with but it has a lot of knobs to twiddle if you want to optimize your model as far as possible. Check it out at https://www.politepix.com/rejecto.

While you’re trying these new tools out, why not make it easy on yourself and visit Politepix’s new tutorial tool, which will get you up and running with your OpenEars app about 5 minutes. It’s found at https://www.politepix.com/openears/tutorial and it includes instructions for all the OpenEars classes and all of the plugins too!

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