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OpenEars 1.2.3 and NeatSpeech 1.0!

25 October

It’s my pleasure to introduce NeatSpeech, a new plugin for the OpenEars platform which adds better TTS/text-to-speech voices to OpenEars’ voice synthesis.

NeatSpeech is a plugin for OpenEars that adds fast, higher-quality speech synthesis (TTS) including multithreaded speech queueing to speak very long phrases without any lag. It uses HTS voices which are ideal for mobile applications due to their diminutive file size, great processing speed and improved speech quality over the default Flite voices. All TTS is performed offline so absolutely no network connection is required.


You can try out a free demo of NeatSpeech (requires new OpenEars version 1.2.3) here, purchase NeatSpeech here or read more about it here. I really hope you enjoy NeatSpeech!