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Can we call it yet?

04 March

I hope it isn’t tempting fate to call this remarkable winter finished and share some images from it. A grapevine runs along our walls; its little grapes were encased in ice before the last starlings in town could harvest them. [politepix-blog-inline-text-ad] Hooded crow in snow. Swans walk along a frozen waterway, searching for a break […]

Who is on the balcony?

28 February

Given: 1. Sparrows are attracted by birdseed. 2. If you attract sparrows, kestrels will come to hunt the sparrows. 3. You want to see kestrels, but you don’t want to unwittingly engineer a sparrow slaughter. 4. Crows are attracted by peanuts. 5. Crows repel kestrels, but only until they’ve removed all of the peanuts, and, […]